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Fueling Before Your Workout

Are you maximizing your workout with proper eating habits? Nutrition can drastically affect how we perform in a workout class at the gym or a competition we have been training for.   Here are some quick tips for maximizing your fueling process:


If your workout is later in the day, try to plan a meal 3-4 hours prior to your workout. This meal should contain a carbohydrate and a lean protein. The meal should also be low in fat and fiber so that you do not experience stomach upset.

A good example of a pre workout meal would be a turkey and low fat swiss cheese sandwich (lean protein + carbohydrate), with a fruit cup (carbohydrate), and a fat free yogurt (lean protein + carbohydrate).


If you like to have a snack before a workout or if you do not have time for a meal, aim to eat a carbohydrate source 30-60 minutes before the workout or competition.

A good example of a pre workout snack would be a fruit or a piece of toast with jelly.


Lastly, never try a new food or beverage on the day of a competition or race! Experiment with your food and fluid regimen on practice days so you know what works best for you when it comes time to compete!