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Med-Peds is a medical specialty meaning a physician has been trained and certified in both internal medicine and Wake pediatrics med pedspediatrics. After medical school a Med-Ped certified physician must engage in a four-year long residency, two years for internal medicine and two years for pediatrics. This enables them to treat patients of all ages. Med-Peds physicians can treat patients from birth all the way through geriatric care. Med-Peds is a discipline focused on producing primary care providers with extensive background and experience in treating and diagnosing more complex medical conditions and diseases. This includes more of a focus in the education of critical care medicine as well.


When physicians can treat the whole family, they can understand a more holistic view of the family’s health. This can help in preventative medicine, as well as making the medical care your children receive more accurate in both acute and chronic situations. Knowing your whole family and the medical history of each individual in that family helps our physicians become familiar with your family and their similar and dissimilar medical needs.


It’s in our name for a reason. We’re proud to be one of Raleigh’s top providers of the Med-Ped specialty. We’d love to speak to you about what we can provide you and your family. Please give us a call at (919) 781-7500.


Here at Wake Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, we have 3 specially trained Med-Peds physicians who are double board certified.

  • Dr. Sarah Hughes is currently accepting new pediatric patients.
  • Dr. Chris McDaniels and Dr. John Meier are currently accepting new patients of all ages.


Wake Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is a medical office you can trust. We are dedicated to providing you with a full and comprehensive medical experience for the entire family. Give us a call at (919) 781-7500 to schedule an appointment at our Raleigh, NC office or ask questions. You can also check out our Pediatric FAQ and our Internal Medicine FAQ.

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