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The Physicians and Staff at Wake Internal Medicine Consultants always welcome new patients. It is our goal to make the transition smooth and effortless, whether you are new parents bringing your newborn to our pediatrics office, or an established patient at another facility. In order to provide the smoothest transition, we have included patient info for Wake Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC


Please read through the information below to prepare you for a successful first appointment. The more prepared you are for your appointment, the more satisfied you’ll be. Please download, print and fill out the registration form, Health History Form, and Medical Records Release Form prior to your appointment. Doing this will help speed up our service to you and our other patients.


  • Your current insurance card
  • A photo ID
  • Previous medical records
  • Recent x-rays, procedure reports, or other relevant medical information
  • Physician Referral forms when required to see a specialist
  • Your current medications include both prescriptions and over-the-counter

to schedule your first appointment at Wake Pediatrics in Raleigh, NC, please call us at (919) 781-7500

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